Fire Emergency Instructions

In case of fire, dial 911
  1. If you discover a fire in your unit:
    • Leave immediately, close the door and pull the nearest fire alarm.
    • Go to a place of safety and call 911. Give the name of the complex and the location of the fire. It is important to know the location of fire alarms and those that are closest in the event of an emergency.
  2. If you hear an alarm, test the door before you open it. To test the door, feel it to see if there is any heat. If you don’t feel any heat at the top of the door, then put your hand on the doorknob. If the doorknob is hot, or smoke is coming into the room from around the door, keep the door closed.

  3. When you leave open the door very carefully. Put your shoulders or foot against the door, and keep your head back and to one side. Do not put your face or head in the doorway opening. If you feel heat or smoke rushes in, close the door quickly. See item 6 below.

  4. To leave the floor, find the nearest exit. Walk, never run. Keep to the right on the stairs so that any firefighters coming up will be able to get by. Do not run but move as quickly as possible to a ground floor exit.

  5. Go outside and stand at least 500 feet from the building. Do not go back in for any reason. Stay outside until you are told otherwise.

  6. If you cannot evacuate safely, stay where you are with the door closed. Put wet towels or rugs against the bottom of the door. If smoke begins to enter, open the windows slightly. Put a damp cloth over your mouth and nose and try not to breathe the smoke. If the smoke gets thick or you can’t breathe very well, open the window wider. If the smoke is around your head, get as close to the floor as you can where the air will be fresher.

  7. If you are trapped, hang a sheet or towel out of the window so fire fighters can find you. If you have a phone dial 9-1-1 and tell the operator where you are and that you’re in trouble. They will call the fire fighters and tell them where you are.

  8. If you are in a wheel chair and not in your apartment, go to the nearest exit away from the fire. Wait there and someone will be there to help.
  9. There are fire extinguishers located on each floor near the middle of the hallway