Emergency Information

It is very important that the residents, staff and visitors of our communities be assured of safety and protection in an emergency. This plan is prepared to assist in providing that safety and protection.

Continuing and meaningful efforts to prevent incidents leading to emergency situations should be of the greatest concern. However, emergency situations will still arise. These instructions should provide those affected with some guidance and direction. All emergencies cannot be neatly defined into basic categories for which hard and fast guidelines can be established. Individual judgment and basic concern, as well as common sense will dictate the overall reaction for those involved in an emergency situation.

In case of emergency, dial 911
Emergency Contacts
Important numbers you may need to know in the event of an emergency.
Fire Emergency Instructions
What to do when in case of fire in any of our apartment communities.
Utility Emergencies
What to do and who to contact in the case of gas leaks or power outtages.
Weather Emergency Information
What to do in case of a tornado or severe thunderstorm.